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By: Eitan Bronstein. Photography: Activstills
We, Jews and Arabs, have gathered here today to commemorate the Palestinian catastrophe, the nakba.Those who were killed, those who...
By: Amaya Galili
what my grandfather did in the Nakba? Did he see the expultion of the Palestinians from the Hula Valley and the destruction of...
By: Liat Rosenberg
"Public nuisance " was how police called a peaceful activity by Zochrot on the eve of Israel's Independence Day....
By: מורן בריר
Throughout my entire life, the regime has tried to get me to join its side.  But if its side includes looting, hindering and...
By: Eitan Bronstein, Cornelia Siebeck
A projective discourse about Israel/Palestine that is very much entangled with the past, however, is apparently not a specifically...
The Israeli mainstream, which Heitner faithfully represents, must make a difficult choice between (at least) two alternatives....
By: Zochrot-Badil
We hope that whoever reads this will not treat it as a manual of return proposed by Badil and Zochrot, but rather as what it is:...
By: Cornelia Siebeck
Incompabilities between contemporary German memory discourse(s) and Zochrot’s poltical agenda
By: Alon Confino \ Indiana University Press
On a beautiful Mediterranean coast, in the newly-established state of Israel, one way of life violently and abruptly ended and a...
By: Eitan Bronstein. Photography: Eleonore
They tried to imagine their lives together when the Palestinian refugees returned. They did so with simple drawings accompanied by...

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