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By: Eitan Bronstein. Photography: Eleonore
As Walter Benjamin's History Angel, Israelis and many people in the world see the horrors pile rising to the sky and they want to...
By: Eitan Bronstein. Photography: Galit Aloni
In that fleeting moment when my eyes moved over the posters/faces/people, from one, to the next, thinking I may see my grandfather,...
By: Eitan Bronstein
A Galley Talk with Dr. Orly Lubin and Dr. Yif’at Guttman
By: Hannah Mermelstein
his study will focus solely on the 6,000 books with the “AP” designation, and aims to contribute to uncovering a...
By: Aviv Gross-Alon and Eitan Bronstein
Aviv Gross-Alon talks with Eitan Bronstein about her work with Zochrot and about the last exhibit she curated
By: DAAR - Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency
The notion of “return” has defined the diasporic and extraterritorial nature of Palestinian politics and cultural...
Hanna Farah Kufr Bir'im   Text: Norma Musih Hanna Farah builds Bir'im, the village where his father and...
By: Yehouda Shenhav
Mahmoud al-Rimawi’s short story, “A Longing for the Good Land,” and three projects included here – Sandy...
By: Mahmoud al-Rimawi
Removing the kufiyya and iqal from his grey head, Abu al-'Abd tossed them onto the dirty blanket beside him. He heaved a...
By: Akram Salhab
Over the past 63 years the Palestinian people have continuously and unceasingly been expelled from our homes and properties and...

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