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Life before 1948, the war and the neighbors who disappeared
From: 2017 - To: 2018
Amnon Neumann, a Palmach combatant, participated in the occupation of several Palestinian villages and the expulsion of their inhabitants.

Life before 1948, the war and the neighbors who disappeared

Both in academic studies and in practice, oral history refers to our memories and stories about the past and present as legitimate and significant historical sources.

As part of their coping with political or “awareness transitions”, people and groups document all those involved in conflicts, war and oppressive regimes – including victims, perpetrators, witnesses and bystanders – in order to expose facts, demand redress, apologize and accept responsibility.

Zochrot’s testimonies archive focuses on our stories about:

  • Life before 1948, in cities, rural areas, relations between Jews and Palestinians
  • Experiences and memories from the 1948 war, of both civilians and combatants
  • Stories about objects found in Palestinian homes that became part of the family property
  • “The neighbors who disappeared”: memories of Palestinian neighbors who fled the war or were deported
  • Children, grandchildren and other family members of civilians and combatants

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