District: Hebron
Population 1948: 520
Occupation date: 23/10/1948
Military operation: Yoav
Occupying unit: Giva'ati
Jewish settlements on village\town land before 1948: None
Jewish settlements on the built-up area of the village\town after 1948: None
Jewish settlements on village\town land after 1948: Beit Nir

The village was located on the lower slopes of the Hebron Mountains, 25 km northwest from Hebron. A secondary road linked it to Bayt Jibrin (4 km due south) and hence to Hebron, Bethlehem, and al-Faluja; similar roads and dirt paths linked it to the area's villages.

Kudna was occupied under the same cirumstances as 'Ajjur, during Operation Yoav, by the Israeli army's Giv'ati Brigade. Different sources agree that the village fell on 22-23 October 1948. Like other villages overrun during the occupation, all the remaining residents of Kudna were expelled, according to Israeli historian Benny Morris.

Beyt Nir, established in 1955, is to the west of the site in village lands. An earlier settlement, Pagit, may have been built on village land in 1952 but apparently did not prosper.
The houses have been reduced to levelled debris hidden beneath an overgrowth of wild vegetation. One can see the stones that served as fences for home gardens. Cactuses and carob, fig, and olive trees grow on the site. The whole area is fenced in and used by Israeli farmers as pasture.

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