59th International Nakba Day: Bringing the Nakba to the street

New Profile, Bat Shalom and Zochrot -- members of the "Nakba 60" coalition -- organized street screenings across the country on May 14, 2007, the eve of 59th International Nakba Day. Activists at different sites screened photographs of the location before 1948 and today, read testimonies by Palestinians and Jews about the Nakba, distributed fliers and conversed with passersby. In addition, hundreds of posters were hung in city streets to raise awareness of the event coming up to Nakba Day and to remind the public of the Palestinian life that existed in the country up to 1948.

The events took place in 6 different locations in Haifa, Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv. Local officials prevented events from taking place in Jerusalem, Mevasseret Zion and Kiryat Shmoneh with the aid of police.

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