Why does the JNF still exist?
The forefathers of Zionism never hid their desire to use the Jewish National Fund to dispossess Palestinians. On its 120th anniversary, now is the time to abolish it.
By: Yaara Benger Alaluf

The Jewish National Fund (JNF-KKL) marks its 120th anniversary this year. The celebrations are hardly marred by news of the right-wing takeover of the organization and the promotion of its operation in the West Bank to expand Jewish settlements.

A new article based on learning materials developed by Zochrot’s Education Department reviews a variety of historical sources showing that purchasing land in the West Bank, kicking families out of their homes in East Jerusalem, and sending bulldozers to trample farming equipment and houses in the Negev-Naqab are not a deviation from the JNF's trajectory or heritage, but a direct continuation of its activities throughout its years of existence.

The fact that so many liberal and progressive Jews in Israel and worldwide still associate the JNF with positive values is tragic. This organization is one of the pioneers of the organized dispossession of the Palestinian people; one of its explicit missions is to prevent the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland; it enables the state of Israel to act with blatant discrimination against its non-Jewish citizens, contrary to its own laws; it has a record of whitewashed ecological damages caused by its attack on indigenous natural heritage; it is well-known for its corruption.


Read the full article published by 972mag. 

Educate yourself and your families and communities about JNF's true mission and actions, about its complicity in the ongoing Nakba and the erasure of Palestinian localities, and join us in demanding the JNF be disbanded immediately.

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