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As we mark the 73rd commomeration day of tha Nakba, Palestinians are reliving the events of the Nakba . The killing and...
By: Yaara Benger Alaluf
The forefathers of Zionism never hid their desire to use the Jewish National Fund to dispossess Palestinians. On its 120th...
By: Ami Asher
We are proud to share with you on this day, the Day of the Right to Truth which falls on March 24 every year, the words of Ami...
By: Margot Pagot and Francesca Atzas
The "Slope Park" which was established about a decade ago in the Ajami neighborhood of Yafa is rather an unsual case in...
By: Osama Tanous, Pediatrician and a student of public health
In Palestine, the Unequal Effects of an Epidemic
On March 2, we vote for a just society
By: gali yudilevich
Jaffa - Memory Game is part 1 in a series of products derived from the art project “Block: Unnarrated”. Each piece...
By: Umar Al-Ghubari
When we approached the issue of justice and redress, the question of the refugees’ right of return naturally arose as one of the...
The Council’s position paper with regard to realizing the return, ways of implementing it, its costs and benefits.
By: Ilay Avidan, Eedo Mizrahi, Gal Friedman-Hauser
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