launching event for Zochrot`s new mobile app - iNakba
From: 05/05/2014 17:00 - To: 05/05/2014 19:00

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launching event for Zochrot`s new mobile app - iNakba

On the eve of Israel's Independence Day, 5\5\2014,
20:00pm, at Zochrot office in Tel-Aviv 

iNakba is a trilingual mobile app (Arabic, Hebrew and English) based on Google Maps.  The social app allows users to locate the Palestinian localities destroyed in the Nakba since 1948 and to learn about them.

The application provides coordinates and maps of Palestinian localities that were completely demolished and obliterated after their capture, partially demolished, or remained standing although their residents were expelled.  The maps also show buildings that were left in these localities, provide historical information and include video clips and photographs. The app is interactive; it allows users to add pictures of the destroyed localities, as well as to share comments and follow updates about selected localities.

At 10pm we'll begin a direct action to commemorate the Nakba at Tel Aviv streets. You're most welcome.

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