Zochrot- NGO working within Israeli society, launches social media campaign exposing National Jewish Fund crimes
The campaign will expose the role of the JNF in the colonization of Palestine and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Zochrot’s 120 years of dispossession and displacement campaign will document JNF’s ongoing role in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land and homes

Jaffa, September, 20 2021 — rights group Zochrot launches a three-week campaign to raise awareness about the role of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in the forced displacement of Palestinians from their land, replacing Palestinian homes and villages with parks and nature reserves. The campaign, 120 Years of Dispossession and Displacement, will expose the efforts of the JNF from 1901 to the present in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land.

Through story-telling, historic documentation, infographics and online actions, the campaign will highlight the histories of the Palestinian homes and villages demolished by the JNF that remain hidden in plain sight. The #ExposeJNF campaign will also exhibit how the JNF collaborated with the Israeli government to displace Palestinian bedouins in the Naqab and seize their land, while simultaneously partnering with right-wing settler organizations to expand illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, and encouraging rampant settler violence. 

The 120 Years of Dispossession and Displacement campaign is intentionally launching on Sukkot, a Jewish holiday that is celebrated by thousands of Jewish Israelis in JNF parks. Accordingly we invite everyone travelling around these parks to take responsibility to redress this Sukkot and use our iNakba app to learn more about the Palestinian destroyed villages hidden underneath, share their knowledge and give a review of truth about these parks. 

As Yaara Benger Alaluf, Zochrot Coordinator of Community and Education, points out: “The JNF purchases Palestinian land in the West Bank from the Israeli government, kicks families out of their homes in East Jerusalem, and sends bulldozers to destroy homes and farms in the Negev-Naqab. These acts are not an anomaly – they are fundamental components of the JNF’s mandate.” Through the campaign’s online actions and webinars, Zochrot and thousands of supporters will call on Israelis and the international Jewish community to stop funding the JNF. 

Zochrot, established 2002 is an organization that works within the Israeli society to gain public acknowledgment of and accountability for the ongoing injustices of the Nakba and the reconceptualization of Return as the imperative redress of the Nakba and a chance for a better life for all.

Zochrot staff are available to speak with the media; Please contact our Media coordinator Najwan Berekdar for more information or additional documentation and graphics. 


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