Zochrot stands in solidarity with the crucial Palestinian organizations that are undergoing a campaign of slander and intimidation
By: Zochrot

The announcement by the Israeli Ministry of occupation (Ministry of Defense) labelling six Palestinian civil society organizations as "terrorist groups", should enrage anyone who sincerely cares about human rights. And yet, while the decision should provoke widespread opposition and firm action to repeal it, it should come as no surprise.

The Israeli colonial regime has never recognized Palestinian civil society nor the basic rights that the Palestinian people are entitled to. It has been working, from the outset, to crush and suppress Palestinian civil society. This oppression was introduced long before the military occupation of 1967 — already in the days of the military governance, following the mass expulsion of the majority of Palestinian inhabitants of the land.

Effective resistance to oppression requires us, Israelis who oppose the occupation, to see this process in its entirety: to recognize its ideological foundations rooted in Jewish supremacy and to acknowledge how the mere humanity of Palestinians has been denied for more than a century, as well as their right to exist as a people. This is the meaning of the “Ongoing Nakba”. As long as we do not take responsibility within our society, to call out the ideological foundations of this project, the Nakba will continue.

We, at Zochrot, stand in solidarity with the crucial Palestinian organizations that are undergoing a campaign of slander and intimidation; organizations whose opposition to oppression and ensurance of basic human rights, is classified as terrorist:

The vital research center Bisan, whose name echos the Nakba; The Union of Palestinian Women's Committees, an organization committed to feminist activism which is critical for building a civil society; The Union of Agricultural Workers Committees which protects Palestinian farmers from repeated land grabs and severe infringement on agricultural lands; The Defense for Children International-Palestine, which documents and brings to light the horrors of occupation and dehumanization that even children are not protected from; Addameer, demanding Palestinian prisoners' rights; And finally, our friends at Al-Haq, who have been defending basic human rights since 1979.

The criminalization of the above organizations, signed off by a "security" minister who is proud of committing war crimes, is intended to silence those who show the true nature of Israeli colonialism. As long as there are those who see the truth and are willing to tell it as it is, such attempts to silence critics will ultimately fail.

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