Zochrot Tour (15:30) and Symposium (19:00) in Jaffa on Nakba Day, May 15, 2013

The tour will pass through al-Shaykh Muwannis (Tel Aviv University), Abd al-Nabbi Cemetery (near the Hilton Hotel at Independence Park), al-Manshiyya (Charles Clore Park) and central Jaffa. On each of these sites, participants will hear explanations about its history, before and after the Nakba. The bus will leave from Clock Tower Square in Jaffa at 15:30 and head for al-Shaykh Muwannis, with a stop near the Central (Arlozorov) Train Station at 16:00. The tour will end back in Jaffa around 19:00. Participants will then be bussed back to the train station.

The Nakba Day Symposium (19:00-21:00; specific location to be publicized soon) will include a panel on realizing the return of Palestinian refugees to the Jaffa-Tel Aviv area.

Zochrot's Return to Jaffa-Tel Aviv Planning Group will present its vision for a future life with and after the return of the Palestinian refugees. Israelis and Palestinians will respond to its visionary document, followed by an open discussion.

The group's vision development process is part of an ongoing Zochrot learning process on realizing the Return as well as a direct follow-up on the Cape Town Document.

For more information please Contact: Zochrot's office: 03- 695 3155,

Umar al-Ghubari: 052-874 3099

For registration: Tours@zochrot.org