Zochrot and De-Colonizer are delighted to invite you to the launch of the new book by Eitan Bronstein Aparicio and Eléonore Marza Bronstein "Nakba in Hebrew – A Political Journey". Bronstein and Marza’s book is written mostly in the form of a conversation between the authors, presenting the political and personal voyage that has brought to the transformation of the Nakba discourse in Israel since Zochrot’s establishment in 2001. The book also presents new findings, above all a survey with surprising results regarding the support of Jews in Israel for the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.
This evening is part of a series of events jointly organized by De-Colonizer and Zochrot this year to mark the Nakba’s 70th anniversary. It will take place on Thursday, February 22 at 19:00-21:00 in Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s offices at 11 Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv.

Panelists: Norma Mussi, Sami Abu-Shehade, Yehuda Shenhav, Atalia Israeli-Nevo
Eitan Bronstein Aparicio and Eléonore Marza Bronstein will read excerpts from the book and respond to the panelists.
Moderator: Debby Farber, Zochrot
Following the responses, the discussion will be opened to audience participation. The discussion will be held in Hebrew.

During the event, you will be able to purchase the book – the authors will be happy to write you a personal dedication – at the discounted price of 70 NIS (cash or check only).
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For further details, please contact Debby at debby@zochrot.org, +972-3-6953155

About the book:

Until the turn of the century, the term Nakba has been almost completely absent from the Hebrew public discourse in Israel. Today it is a common and almost trivial term. This book documents the journey of Eitan Bronstein Aparicio, the initiator and leader of this dramatic change. It traces the process that has facilitates this discursive development, and presents surprising findings and new insights on the Jewish Israelis’ attitudes to the Nakba and the Palestinian refugees’ right of return.
According to the authors, the 1948 Nakba was not the starting point of the process of displacing the Palestinians from the territories of what became the State of Israel, but rather its culmination. This process had begun with the Zionist immigration to historical Palestine at the end of the 19th century, and has been continuing to this very day. Nevertheless, throughout the years the Israeli regime has been making a systematic effort to deny and repress this injustice. The book describes this effort and the resolute struggle against it. It conveys a message of hope, that the new generation of Jewish Israelis relinquish the demand for exclusive sovereignty of the land and acknowledge the possibility of equal partnership among all its inhabitants and lovers, including in particular the Palestinian refugees.

Eitan Bronstein Aparicio is co-director of De-Colonizer and the founder of Zochrot. Dr. Eléonore Marza Bronstein is co-director of De-Colonizer, a feminist political anthropologist and anti-colonialist activist.