About the film:
This film presents a portrait of the complex and contradictory personality of the man largely responsible for the Zionist enterprise in the Galilee during the 1930s and 40s.
Nachmani, who was director of the Jewish National Fund office in the Galilee, set himself the goal of acquiring as much land from Arabs as possible and establishing Jewish settlements upon it.
Nachmani left behind a fascinating series of diaries that shed new light upon events in the Galilee during those years. Through these diaries, the film examines the critical years of Zionism and the beginning of the Jewish-Arab conflict from the unique perspective of a man displayed determination and persistence on the one hand, fear and doubt on the other. This is also the story of the city of Tiberius, the first mixed city whose Arab inhabitants were expelled during the course of the War of Independence.

Director: Dalia Karpel
D.O.P: Shai Goldman
Editor: Anat Lubarsky