They are young Palestinian men and women,citizens of Israel. They have been meeting for three years, imagining and planning their return to their destroyed villages. Project “Udna” or “Return” in English, aims to pass on to the younger generation awareness of the Nakba and create actual models of return. Descendants of the displaced from al-Ghabisiyya made a video simulating a contemporary model of the village.

Language:  Hebrew and English Subtitles.

produced by: Israel Social TV

"Our Return" is A joint project from the Arab Association for Human Rights, the Association for the Defence of the Rights of the Internally Displaced, Baladna -- Association for Arab Youth, and Zochrot.

The aim of the project is to visualize Return to the displaced villages through workshops with youth groups made up of internally displaced young people. These workshops include learning sessions on the Palestinian Nakba, refugees, and life in Palestine before the displacement.

As part of "Our Return" project, a group of youth created a short vedio Imagining al-Ghabisiyya destroyed village after the Return of its refugees. This project was under the supervision of Yousef Abu Bakr.

The group collected Historical maps, Informations about the village and created a three-dimensional film by the help of the two architects Amir Khatib and Oliver Shalabi.