Zochrot offers activists, students and recent graduates the opportunity to intern with us and help raise awareness of the Nakba and realize th‎e right of return of Palestinian refugees. Interns are asked to make a minimum commitment of three months. Obviously, longer internships are always welcome and preferable. Internships will be based in Zochrot's offices in Jaffa. Remote internships are also available.
Zochrot is interested in inquisitive, committed, and politically aware interns. Candidates should recognize that Zochrot is part of the struggle for the right of return, for justice and for ending the settler-colonial regime in the area. Please refer to Our Vision to be clear about the scope and nature of our work.
What we expect from a Zochrot intern?
We are a professional organization and seek similar professionalism from interns. Interns are expected to use their time in the office productively. Office hours are between 10:00 and 16:00 Sunday to Thursday. Interns can also work from home or do fieldwork.
Familiarity with local history of the area is a must. The working languages are Hebrew, Arabic and English, and applicants must be fluent at least in one of those languages. Zochrot's internship program is divided into the broad categories of communications, research and education. Note, however, that we also accept original applications and suggestions from individuals wishing to work on particular projects that coincide with Zochrot’s vision.
What you can expect from Zochrot?
At Zochrot, we welcome every opportunity to inspire our interns into continuing to advocate and work towards raising awareness of the Nakba and the realization of return. Interns can expect to leave with a vastly increased knowledge on these issues as well as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict more broadly. They can also expect to feel a deep sense of personal fulfilment for having contributed to a just cause.
Application process
• Applicants should send their CV to zochrot@zochrot.org.
• Zochrot will interview with the applicant via Skype or phone in order to introduce our work and suggest different project and areas of work that are suitable for the interns.

• Unfortunately, we don't have the means to fund the internship, so interns are fully responsible of all the expenses involved in their internship period, including rent and public transportation.
For more information, please contact us at zochrot@zochrot.org.