During the last two decades, Zochrot has been promoting acknowledgement and accountability within the Jewish society in Israel, for the ongoing injustices of the Palestinian Nakba and the return of Palestinian refugees.

We have organized thousands of educational and political events, including tours of destroyed Palestinian localities; workshops for groups, activists and organizations; lectures and panels; campaigns; direct actions; and research and testimonies that promote Israelis’ awareness of the Nakba and its injustices and reconceptualize the return of the Palestinian refugees as the precondition for a better life for all the country's inhabitants. Through painstakingly researching and mapping destroyed Palestinian localities, collecting  testimonies from Nakba survivors, creating education curricula to teach the Nakba in Hebrew and developing resources to better understand our painful histories, we have been working collectively with a multitude of partners to fundamentally change Israeli society. 

Your support and engagement will get us closer to that change. 

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Organize a tour

Every year, thousands of people join Zochrot’s tours to depopulated Palestinian localities and learn about what is missing from the landscape. There are dozens of participants at each tour. Together, we observethe remains of the Nakba and learn about the flourishing Palestinian life that existed before Israel’s ethnic cleansing and colonization of these lands. We welcome groups who are interested in partnering with us to organize a tour. You can learn more about previous tours here. Please reach out for more information: tours@zochrot.org 

Organize a talk/ lecture /webinar

Zochrot's educational staff offers lectures, talks and home meetings. These are more intimate frameworks than a course or workshop to get acquainted with the Palestinian Nakba, the right of return and related topics.

Meetings usually consist of a 40-60 minute lecture followed by Q&A and open discussion. We offer lectures on various topics, such as: "Introduction to the Nakba,” The Nakba and ethno-class relations within Israeli society,” "Who is afraid of the right of return?", Lectures focused on the Nakba in a specific geographical area as well as screening testimonies. 

Please reach out to us to book a lecture or home meeting: education@zochrot.org 

Learn and teach about the Nakba and Return

The Nakba continues to influence the reality of millions of people today. Yet it is also an event that is silenced and given almost no mention in the Israeli education system, in school curricula, or in Israeli collective memory, all of which emphasize the Jewish-nationalist history of the country.

Learning about the Nakba is challenging for many Israelis: It unsettles the foundations of most everything they have been taught, but it also arouses curiosity and hope. 

Learning about the Nakba is an opportunity to break free from the shackles of the collective memory and to establish relations between Israelis-Jews and Palestinians, based on equality, recognition and accountability.

The department of Political Education makes existing information about the Palestinian Nakba and the right of return accessible for the Jewish public in Israel, and produces new knowledge, study materials and pedagogical tools: 

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  • Our educational resources are available here. Please note that most of our materials are available only in Hebrew, as our main audience is Jewish Israelis.

  • Teachers and educators in formal and informal settings are invited to contact us for personal pedagogical guidance and assistance at education@zochrot.org

Organize a joint campaign

Zochrot enlists campaigns as a tool to spread awareness and spark action. We welcome the opportunity to partner with organizations who are interested in promoting Return, emphasizing the importance for redress, and highlighting complicity in the ongoing Nakba. Visit here for information on our #ֵExposeJNF campaign and toolkit. If you are interested in a joint campaign, please reach out to Najwan for more information: Media@zochrot.org

Share your story

Zochrot believes in the collective creation of knowledge, and the active employment of reflection and personal history in fostering understanding and comprehensive awareness. We believe deeply in a participatory approach that allows individuals who interact with our work, across different communities, to play a role in contributing to our work.

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In defiance of all efforts to silence and conceal historical facts, against deliberate ignorance and trampling on hope - there is an opportunity to support an organization that not only gathers information and makes it accessible, but encourages and trains us all to open our eyes and hearts, re-examine what we know about ourselves, our history and the country, asking tough questions, dealing with painful answers and working for an equal and just future.

A one-time or monthly investment in Zochrot will enable us to continue our advocacy for radical, transformative change, enabling you to be part of this growing community.

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