Opening on Tuesday, October 2 at 8pm.
Event will include a conversation between Eyal Sivan and Professor Ilan Pappé, facilitated by Areej Sabbah-Khoury.
Opening hours from Sunday to Thursday 10am - 3pm. Please call before coming: 03-6953155.
The media exhibition in collaboration between Zochrot and "A Common Archive, Palestine 1948", an on going research project by Filmmaker Eyal Sivan [School of Arts and Digital Industries (ADI) University of East London] & Historian Prof. Ilan Pappé [European Centre for Palestine Studies (ECPS) University of Exeter] supported by AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council).
The exhibition will be held at the Zochrot Gallery, 34 Yitzhak Sade St. Tel Aviv, until January 15, 2013. 
Towards a Common Archive offers a glimpse into a much broader project for creating an archive cross-referencing testimonies by Palestinian refugees, on the one hand, and soldiers and commanders involved in 1947-49 in expelling and uprooting 700,000 Palestinian refugees in order to establish a Jewish State. This common archive of Nakba victims and perpetrators enables us to complete the historic picture of 1948. Moreover, it reveals the human dynamics operating behind it, in a way no formal documents or even victim testimonies could ever do. 
The exhibition includes more than 30 testimonies of Jewish fighters filmed especially for this project, clips from documentaries by Israeli filmmakers with fighters' testimonies, Nakba representations from feature films which constitute testimonies in their own right, testimonies by second- and third-generation, and a demo screening of the online Common Archive – Palestine 1948 project, which enables users to view Palestinian and Zionist testimonies side by side. 
Related events will include tours to Lod (Al-Lydd) and other sites referred to in the testimonies, as well as five screening nights hosted by the filmmakers, as well as a training workshop on filming testimonies.