Zochrot believes in the collective creation of knowledge, and the active employment of reflection and personal history in fostering understanding and comprehensive awareness. We believe deeply in a participatory approach that allows individuals who interact with our work, across different communities, to play a role in contributing to our work. 

Our organization is grassroots and rooted in collecting testimony and information from survivors of the Nakba and their descendants. We also value reflections from those who’ve engaged with our programming and information. While we’ve worked diligently over the past 20 years to collect these testimonies and reflections, we are looking to engage a wider circle of people and render our knowledge production process more accessible to everyone through our website and social media platform.

We are looking for your engagement to reach more stories and learn more about your reflections. Specifically, we welcome: 

  • Testimony from Palestinians. This helps us expose the truth of the ongoing Nakba, in recognition that Palestinians are the most reliable source for the truth about their experiences. This testimony can be taken from survivors of the Nakba, or can be an account from successive generations on how you are experiencing ongoing dispossession and the impacts on your family.

  • Reflections on Return. These thoughts should center how you as a Palestinian or ally envisions the manifestation of Return, why it is important, and what it means to you.

  • Reflections from Israelis. We value reflections from Israelis on how you were exposed to the truth, how you feel through this process of unlearning and relearning, and why knowing the truth is important to you. We also want to hear why it is important to acknowledge and take responsibility for redress, why redress has to include return, and how you, as an Israeli Jew, imagine return.

  • Reflections from Participants. For those who’ve participated in various Zochrot activities, we’d love to hear your impressions or reflections. How have our programs informed your understanding of the Nakba and the imperative of Return?

Please send your testimony or reflections, either in the form of text or a video, to media@zochrot.org. We also welcome photos as well.

We ask that you: 

  • Provide your name (and provide consent if you’d permit your name being published)

  • Name of locality (if this is testimony about a specific village or locality)

  • Place of birth/where do you currently live 

  • Date of birth