Zochrot has been working for two decades to promote the responsibility of the Jewish public in Israel for the Palestinian Nakba and the return of Palestinian refugees.

We have organized over the past 20 years thousands of educational and political events, including tours of destroyed Palestinian localities; workshops for groups; activists and organizations; lectures and panels; campaigns; field activities; and research and testimonies that promote Israelis’ awareness of the Nakba and its injustices and the return of Palestinian refugees. Through painstakingly researching and mapping destroyed Palestinian localities, collecting  testimonies from Nakba survivors, creating education curricula  to teach the Nakba in Hebrew and developing resources to understand our painful histories, we have been working collectively  with a multitude of partners to  fundamentally change Israeli society. 

Your support will push us a little closer to making that change. 

Your support will allow us to educate, to produce resources for anti-racist teachers and educators, to illuminate  the erased history of Palestine and to hold difficult  conversations within our communities. Our work shifts our communities’ commitments away from racism, militarism and exclusivity and towards justice and inclusivity. We are a part of a generation breaking free from dated notions  of Jewish and white supremacy, learning that true peace can only be achieved through mechanisms of justice. We call for acknowledgement and responsibility for the crimes of 1948, support for the right of return and a commitment to building a just society for all in Palestine.  

Investing in Zochrot means  opening a window for hope. If you’re committed to democracy, human rights and equality, and if you want a better future for this land, join the community of Zochrot supporters by making a one-time or monthly investment.

In defiance of all efforts to silence and conceal historical facts, against deliberate ignorance and trampling on hope - there is an opportunity to support an organization that not only gathers information and makes it accessible, but encourages and trains us all to open our eyes and hearts, re-examine what we know about ourselves, our history and the country, asking tough questions, dealing with painful answers and working for an equal and just future.

A one-time or monthly investment in Zochrot will enable us to continue our advocacy for radical, transformative change, enabling you to be part of this growing community.

Zochrot’s Monthly supporters community play a crucial role in sustaining our ongoing work  especially in these times, to expose the root causes of the ongoing dehumanization and violence against Palestinians and  promote acknoladgment and accountibility of Israeli society for the crimes of the ongoing Nakba as we see it continues these very days.

Investing in Zochrot opening a window for hope. We see this as not only a practical tool that will allow us to carry out our activities, but also a means of expanding the circles of our community, and at the symbolic level - a constant reminder of what we must not forget - join the supporters of Zochrot community.

Support our fundraising efforts

There are plenty of ways to get involved by supporting Zochrot through fundraising: You can help organize an event to fundraise for Zochrot to support our work, introduce us to people who can support our work, invite us or talk about us wherever you are. Your fundraising efforts will enable us to continue our advocacy for radical, transformative change. Be a part of our growing community. For any questions please contact resources@zochrot.org