EL Buss camp

Area: Lebanon

Population Size: 11254

Established date: 1949


El Buss refugee camp is located 1.5km south of Tyre.

The French government originally built the camp in 1939 for Armenian refugees. Palestinians from the Acre area in the Galilee came to el-Buss in the 1950s and the Armenians were moved to the Anja area.

Because of its relatively small size and location, the camp was spared much of the violence that other camps experienced throughout the Lebanese civil war.

The residents of El Buss generally work in seasonal agricultural and construction.

The camp’s inhabitants live in concrete block shelters, some of which were built by the refugees themselves. The water, sewerage and storm water systems were rehabilitated between 2007 and 2008.

UNRWA Website (March 2015)