Amman New Camp (Wihdat)

Area: Jordan

Camp Size: 0.48

Population Size: 57,352

Established date: 1955


Amman New Camp, known locally as Wihdat, was one of four camps set up after 1948 to accommodate Palestine refugees who left Palestine as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.

The camp was established in 1955 on an area of 0.48 square kilometres, southeast of Amman.

The refugees were initially housed in 1,400 shelters constructed by UNRWA, and in 1957 the Agency built 1,260 additional shelters. Over the years the refugees added more rooms to improve their shelters and the camp has grown into an urban-like quarter surrounded by areas of high population density.

UNRWA installations in the camp also provide services for the refugees in the camp's surroundings. In addition to 13 schools and one health centre, the camp houses one community-based rehabilitation centre, one women’s programme centre, one environmental health office and one camp services office.

Amman New Camp is very overcrowded. Kiosks and haphazard stalls add to the disorganisation on crowded streets.


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