Talbieh camp

Area: Jordan

Camp Size: 0.13

Population Size: 7,583

Established date: 1967


Talbieh camp was one of six "emergency" camps set up in 1968 for 5,000 Palestine refugees and displaced persons who left the West Bank and Gaza Strip as a result of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Unlike the other camps in Jordan, Talbieh's inhabitants were mainly displaced persons, not refugees. Also, residents are mostly Bedouin.

Talbieh was set up on an area of about 0.13 square kilometres, 35km south of Amman. It is the largest camp in terms of state land.

Tents were donated by the Iranian Red Lion and Sun Society, who later replaced them with concrete shelters.

Talbieh camp is the smallest of the ten Palestine refugee camps in Jordan in terms of camp population. 8,000 registered Palestine refugees live in the camp. 


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