The tour was postponed in one week exactly, due to the weather. We apologize for any inconvenient that was caused.
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Transportation from Paris Square (Terra Sancta), next to the Kings Hotel in Jerusalem at 8:30 AM, is available for those registering by Wednesday, February 16.

The village of Lifta, at the entrance to Jerusalem, was attacked a number of times during the Nakba in 1948 and was emptied of its inhabitants.  They were not allowed to return even though they continued to live in the area.  Some still live today in nearby Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Lifta is one of the few Palestinian villages in which many buildings remained standing.  About two weeks ago the Israel Lands Administration published a tender offering lots for sale in the village.  If the plan is implemented, Lifta will be demolished and an expensive neighborhood established in its place.

As part of the Jerusalem Nakba study group, we will conduct a tour of Lifta on Friday, 18 February 2011, led by Yaqub Ouda, a resident of Jerusalem who was born in the village.  He’ll describe life in the village, its forced abandonment, and what the village’s refugees think about the construction plans. 

The tour will be conducted in English, and is open to the public.

Here’s a link to recent article in Hebrew about the plan

The tour will begin at 9AM at the upper entrance to Lifta, and will end approximately at 12 noon.

By car:  Take Begin Boulevard past the Golda Meir interchange.  Pass the Electric Company’s facility.  Turn right before the Giv’at Shaul interchange.  There’s a small sign to “Mei Naftoah.”

To register send your name and cellphone number to Efrat:  
Or by phone:  052/612-3965