The Knesset has passed the Nakba Law. Join us in commemorating the Nakba on Israeli Independence Day!

There are moments in life when injustice and danger are so great that we're obliged to suspend our comprehensive positions and focus our protest on the injustice itself. The passing of the Nakba Law by the Knesset is one of those moments.

Therefore, even if the commemoration of the Nakba on Israel’s Independence Day is a strange gesture, perhaps even irritating to most Israelis, participation is a civic duty for everyone who is concerned with the rapid deterioration of civic discourse in Israel and the dangerous rise of ultra-nationalism.

Zochrot calls on you, peace and human rights advocates, to participate in the largest event held each year to commemorate the Nakba in Israel. For the past fourteen years, the Association in Defense of the Rights of Internally Displaced Palestinians has organized a procession to commemorate the Nakba on Israel’s Independence Day, and in recent years a growing number of Jews have joined. The Nakba Law is a direct response to this activity. It aims to intimidate and prevent us from dealing with the Nakba: Learning about and acknowledging our responsibility, in order to achieve reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

This year we will devote the annual lecture at Zochrot in Israeli Independence Day evening to discuss the "Nakba Law" - a legislative act which is a part of an attempt to prohibit comemoration of the Nakba in Israel and to suppress the various attempts to teach the history of the country in general, and that of the years 47-49 in particular, in different ways that run contrary to the hegemonic Israeli narrative.
Speakers will deal with different aspects and effects of this process - legal, psychological and political.

Attorney Emily Schaeffer (Michael Sfard Low Office); Prof. Uri Hadar (Tel Aviv University); Amaya Galili (Education Project Coordinator, Zochrot)

Zochrot Visitor and Information Center
61 Ibn Gvirol Street,
Tel Aviv-Yafo
(enter from 13 Mane Street)
Telephone: 03-695-3155

After the discussion, as in previous years, a direct action in the streets of Tel Aviv will also take place, which will deal this time with the "Nakba Law" and the memories it evokes.
Everyone who is interested in participating, please contact Eitan by e-mail: