We invite the public, researchers, scholars and students, to send proposals for lectures dealing with presences, traces, and representations of the Palestinian Nakba in the Hebrew literature.
We define the Nakba in its broadest terms. We are especially interested in lectures dealing with the boundaries of time and space of the Nakba, and ways of understanding it as trauma.
The seminar, to be held in Haifa on May 2012, will combine research based lectures with discussions with writers about their work.
The seminar will be open for researchers of different disciplines besides literature: history, philosophy, gender studies, cultural studies and other fields from the social sciences and the humanities.
Proposals, not longer than 500 words, should be sent to Moran Banit by October 30th 2011. A month after receiving the proposals, the steering committee will suggest a detailed plan of the seminar.

The steering committee: Huda Abu Mokh, Moran Banit, Tomer Gardi, Hannan Hever, Mahmoud Kayyal, Shira Lapidot, Khaled Fourani, Yehouda Shenhav.   

Moran Benit, Moran.benit@mail.huji.ac.il