Thursday, 1.12.2011
Zochrot Gallery

"Bibi's House", an exhibition in the framework of the 2011 "Houses from Within" architecture festival, presented works by students of the Yaffa Arab Democratic School, dealing with the Nakba in the urban space of Yaffa. The school building was originally a residential house serving the Bibi family, and the exhibition presented models and plans created by the Studio for Community Architecture for returning the building to residential use by the family, which currently lives in the United States and Jordan. The project was the first of its kind, both at the elementary school and in academia, in dealing with the actual return of a family of refugees.

At the symposium, the works included in that exhibition will be presented, and a discussion will be held with students at the Studio for Community Architecture about the difficulties, the dilemmas, and the deliberations that accompanied the project. The discussion will be joined by studio leaders from various Architecture and Design schools.

The symposium will be moderated by Gil Mualem Doron, Head of the Studio for Community Architecture who also led the project as an Artist-Teacher at the Yaffa school.