Tour at the destroyed Palestinian village of Sar’a

Zochrot invites the public to a tour on the site of the destroyed Palestinian village of Sar’a, which was occupied in July 1948 and completely depopulated.

Sar’a is located northwest of Beit Shemesh, (25 Km west of Jerusalem) on Road 44 from Shimshon junction to Nahshon Junction (towards Ramla).
Refugees from Sar’a will lead the tour and share stories about the village. Members of Kibutz Tzoraa which was built on the land of Sar’a will take part in the tour. We will post a sign of the village name and distribute a booklet written especially for the event.
Friday, October 17th, 2014
16:00- 18:00

A bus will leave the Arlozorov Train Station in Tel Aviv, at 14:30

A bus will leave Shimshon junction (Road 44\ Road 38 crossroads) at15:45

We expect to be back at Tel Aviv at 19:00

The public is invited.

Meeting point in the area of the village: Shimshon Junction (in the parking,  west to the crossroads).

To arrive independently please use the application iNAKBA

The tour will be guided in Hebrew & Arabic. English interpretation will be available.

Please wear walking shoes and bring water.
For further information,
Zochrot 03-6953155; Umar 052-8743099
To join, please register in advance at

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