Saturday, 28.2.2015
Hours 10:00 to 12:00

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Caesarea was one of the first villages occupied in 1948, and their inhabitants were expelled. According to Benny Morris, a small group of residents of Caesarea, about twenty palestinians, stayed home until mid-February but were expelled after the Palmach unit surrounded the village and destroyed the houses.

The remains of the Palestinian Caesarea, including several houses and a mosque, exist till today in "Caesarea National Park".

The signs of the national park, reveal the long history of Caesarea, and pass over completely the history of the Palestinian village and the expulsion of its residents in mid-February 1948. This is how the denial and erasure of the Palestinian history and identity from the space policy perpetuates itself, as well as the disconnection of the refugees from their village by prevention of their return to their homes and land.

We will conduct the tour to Caesarea on Saturday, 28.2.2015 using the iNakba app..
The entrance fee to “Caesarea National Park”: 14 nis
Meeting point and hour: Arlozorov Train Station, Tel Aviv (near Shlomo Sixt) at 9:00 am
Return to Tel Aviv estimated at 13:00 pm

To arrive independently, please use the iNakba application or Waze
The tour will be guided in Hebrew & Arabic. English translation will be available.
For further information:mZochrot 03-6953155; Umar 052-8743099
To join, please register in advance at


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