Welcome Back by Guy Königstein deals with the question of the return of Palestinian refugees to their homelands together with a group of Jews living in Israel. The film reveals thoughts, doubts and fears on the issue of return.

On World Refugee Day on June 20, 2015, the film will be available online for only 24 hours.

Welcome Back was produced especially for 48mm | The Second International Film Festival on Nakba and Return, held in November 2014 in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

In February 2015, it was screened in the Prospects & Concepts exhibition of the Mondriaan Fund during the Art Rotterdam Fair. It was also screened on two separate events by the Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv: War (and Peace) – A-Genre Festival (March 2015), and the Eternal Temporariness exhibition in May 2015.

Click here to watch the film.