The public hearing will take place on Thursday, August 27, 2015, in the Haifa Cinemateque square at 19:00pm.

Despite ongoing attempts of Zochrot NGO to hold a screening event of films about the Nakba and Return in Haifa Cinemateque or the Tikotin Museum, Ethos - The Haifa Municipality Arts, Culture and Sports company, had refused constantly to allow the event from taking place.

A lawyer letter was sent on behalf of Zochrot and ignored to Haifa municipality, Haifa Cinemateque and Tikoin museum. After not being responded, Zochrot is yet continuing its legal process in cooperation with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. In addition, Zochrot had decided to hold a Public Hearing in Haifa in order to inform the wide public about the refusal of the municipality to screen films about the Nakba and Return in Haifa, this is in spite the mayor, Mr. Yona Yahav, claims about the city of Haifa being a symbol and model for Jewish-Palestinian co-existence.

The public is invited.

For further details please contact the artistic director of the 48mm film festival:

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