Sar‛a is a Palestinian village occupied and completely depopulated in 1948. The village remains are now located within Zor‛a Forest in the Beit Shemesh area.

Sar‛a is also a film made by Michael Kaminer from Kibbutz Zor‛a, established in 1948 next to the village ruins. The film describes the director’s voyage to discover what has been hidden from him and deals with the question why nothing was ever told in the kibbutz about the village.

The film will premiere on Saturday, December 5, in Zochrot’s 48mm Festival – The Third International Festival for Films on the Nakba and Return.

One week after the screening, Zochrot will tour the village site with Kaminer. We will visit the village ruins and talk about what is hidden underneath the house remains. During the tour, Zochrot will distribute the booklet Remembering Sar‛a, with information about the village history, refugee testimonies, maps and images.

Friday, December 11, 2015


A bus will leave the Central (Arlozorov) Train Station in Tel Aviv, at 10:00

Joining the bus on the way will be possible in Latrun Junction at 10:30 and in Nahshon Junction at 10:35.

We will meet on 10:45 next to the JNF (Kakal) stand at the entrance to the Zor‛a Forest (Ya’ar HaNasi) from Highway 44, between Nahshon and Shimshon Junctions.

We expect to be back at Tel Aviv by 14:30
To arrive independently to the village site, you may use our iNAKBA application

The tour will be guided in Hebrew & Arabic. English interpretation will be available. 

The tour involves a medium difficulty trek in the open. Please wear walking shoes and bring water. 
For further information
Zochrot 972-3-6953155; Umar 972-52-8743099
To take the bus, please register in advance at