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Zochrot and Filistiniyyat associations  invite the public to a tour on the site of the destroyed Palestinian village of Dayr Aban, and a renovation action in the cemetery of the village.

Dayr Aban which was occupied in July 1948 and completely depopulated is located today close to the Israeli Moshav of Mahseya  (road no. 3866) east to Beit Shemesh.

We will walk through the ruins of Dayr Aban, learn about its history in the Nakba and renovate desecrated graves in the cemetery.
Saturday, January 16th, 2016

Transportation will be organized from
- Tamra at 8:30 from the gas station in the entrance of Tamra on road no. 70 ( to south near Aroma).
- Tel Aviv at Arlozorov Train Station, at 10:00
- Shimshon junction (Road 44\ Road 38 crossroads) at 10:45

The public is invited.
Meeting point in the area of the village: The entrance of Moshav Mahseya (road 3866)
To arrive independently please use the application iNakba
The tour will be guided in Hebrew & Arabic. English interpretation will be available.
Please wear walking shoes and bring water and food.
For further information,
- Filistiniyyat: 0522814579  jaburaya@gmail.com
- Zochrot 03-6953155; Umar 052-8743099  Tours@zochrot.org