Call for Open Houses in Jaffa // Towards the project "Houses beyond the Hyphen" // May 2016

Zochrot’s visual research lab is searching for homes/urban spaces whose Palestinian owners had been forced to leave in 1948, that will be willing to open their doors to the public as part of the exhibition Houses beyond the Hyphen, to be held, for the second time, on May 2016, in commemoration of the 68 anniversary of the Nakba.
The project aims to expose, reconstruct, document and raise public awareness of the ongoing Palestinian Nakba, and in particular Jaffa’s obliterated memories and histories, which for many years have been denied or distorted, marginalized by the hegemonic Zionist narrative.
The project will include artistic events in the homes and spaces that will be opened to the public during the weekend (for a predesignated and limited timeframe), a symposium and alternative tours in Jaffa.
We will be happy to receive suggestions for relevant houses or spaces.

For details on the former project please click here:

Please contact Debby, curator of the project:
Email: or by telephone: 03-6953155