Zochrot’s Transitional Justice Program invites you to join the first group of the Pre-Transitional Justice Lab.

In activism and in academia around the world, “Transitional Justice” has been designed as a field that refers to transitions from dictatorship to democracy, or from conflict to reconciliation. In the Israeli-Palestinian context, we propose pre-transitional justice – a set of tools and strategies applied during an intractable conflict to promote transition from a culture of denial and impunity to one of recognition, responsibility, and accountability.

A first-of-its-kind initiative in Israeli civil society, the Lab relies on Zochrot’s experience over the past 15 years and on transitional justice models and other practices developed by communities worldwide over the past three decades. On this foundation, we will research and develop grassroots projects appropriate for our reality of ongoing conflict, occupation, dispossession, and erasure – the ongoing Nakba.

These projects may include, for example, researching pre-Nakba remains in Palestinian villages and towns and seeking ways to present them anew; obtaining testimonies from Jewish fighters in 1948; researching official and unofficial archives; holding lectures on the Nakba in schools and community centers, and more - your ideas are welcome.

Lab meetings will be held in September and November 2016. In the meetings we will learn about the Nakba from a historical and contemporary perspective, about the erasure of the Palestinian culture and life from the Israeli landscape and about the Palestinian refugees. We will examine these through the lenses of recognition, truth, remedies, and responsibility – the core tenets of the transitional justice paradigm. We will introduce participants to the language, theory and practice of transitional justice as developed globally, criticize it and expand upon it out of Zochrot’s unique approach regarding the ongoing Nakba – 1948, 1967 and to this today – as a single colonialist continuum.

The Lab is for you: If you want to lead processes of recognition, remedy (Tikkun), and responsibility-taking and/or implement them in your communities -- you are a candidate.

The Lab schedule will include eight meetings – four each in September and November 2016. The months of November-December will be dedicated to implementing the various initiatives. The meetings will include lectures, hands-on experience, peer instruction, discussions on the core issues of each participant’s practical project, showcasing the project to Zochrot staff, and discussions and feedback during the development and implementation process.

Location: The meetings will be held in Zochrot’s offices in Tel Aviv: 34 Yitzhak Sade St., 4th floor, Room 400.

Tutors and lecturers: Zochrot’s staff and guest lecturers. Lab coordinator: Jessica Nevo, Director of Pre-Transitional Justice at Zochrot.

Requirements: Interview, participating in the meetings, developing and implementing a project.

To apply and for additional information please contact Jessica Nevo - jessica@zochrot.org.

Fee: 250 NIS or according to your ability. Payment in cash or personal check can be made at the Zochrot office, or with credit card at our website. If you pay online please add in the comments: “For the Lab project”.

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The Pre-Transitional Justice Program at Zochrot leads research and develops modules and programs to promote social change in Israeli society and institutions and responsibility-taking for the Palestinian Nakba of 1948 and the ongoing Nakba in the current context, in the different spaces of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It does so, among other things, by challenging and expanding the mainstream discourse in Israel.