Zochrot is currently forming a forum or council of Israeli Jews who support the return of Palestinian refugees. The forum will bring together Jewish activists in Israel who support the implementation of the Palestinian refugees’ right to return. In the first stage, the forum’s task will be writing a position paper on the realization of return: methods and approaches, costs and benefits, and political and socioeconomic implications for the country and region. The position paper will be launched following a joint learning process by the forum member.

In the second stage, the position paper will be used as an invitation and foundation for public activities broadening and deepening the discussion on the return. Forum members will take part in symposiums and conferences on the subject, in publishing articles and relevant materials on Israeli websites and dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages, in interviews and reports by the Israel Social TV, etc.

The forum is an initiative of Zochrot, but will be active under a name and in ways determined independently by its members. Moreover, any organization and person will be able to use the forum’s products in their activities for promoting public discussion about the return.

Join the forum!

  • The forum is open to every Israeli Jew who supports the return of Palestinian refugees. If you are interested in joining, please write to Umar at umar@zochrot.org.
  • Zochrot will also contact political activists and academics with relevant interests and expertise.
  • Zochrot calls upon other civil society organizations to join the forum.

The learning and implementation process of the first stage will include three monthly meetings – two three-hour evenings and a daylong meeting scheduled according to the forum members’ preference.

  • First meeting: October 1, 2017
  • Second meeting: November 5, 2017
  • Third meeting: An entire day in December, TBD.
  • Position paper launch: Late December.

You are welcome to browse the Zochrot website for materials on practices and models of return and products of workshops on the meaning of return and its practical aspects.