During the period between Land Day (March 30) and Nakba Day (May 15), the Return Marches in Gaza highlight the message that only the return of the refugees could lead to a just and sustainable solution for the ongoing Nakba. The violent oppression of the marches demonstrates the fear of the Israeli public of profound, honest and responsible discussion on the seventy-year Nakba and the practicalities of return. In these difficult times, it is particularly important to make the voice of poetry heard to protest against the silencing and erasure of the Nakba, and to evoke the hopes for return. 

Zochrot invites you to an Arabic-Hebrew poetry and spoken word event with
Sheikha Haliwa
Tal Haran
Raja’ Natur
Yuval Ben Ami
Alma Miryam Cats

Naama Gershy

Yosef.a Mekaiton 

Wednesday, April 18 (Israeli Independence Day), 20:00-21:30
34 Yitzhak Sadeh St., 4th floor, room number 400
For further details, please contact us at Zochrot@zochrot.org, +972-3-6953155

*From a poem by Nasser Rabbah (b. 1963, Gaza). For the complete poem in Hebrew and Arabic, see here.