The Popular Committee of Al-Araqib, along with Zochrot and Forensic Architecture (Goldmisths University, UK), invites you to the 8th annual Al-Araqib conference on the Palestinian struggle and protest rights. The gathering will take place this coming Saturday, the 28th, in the village of Al-Arakib from 15:00-19:00, marking the destruction of the village. As part of the event, an exhibition will be presented towards the launching of the "Ground Truth" platform, an ongoing research and mapping project aimed at documenting, creating and consolidating legal, historical and material evidence of the continuity of the indigenous presence of the Palestinian Bedouins as permanent residents of this land along with tracing the cycles of depopulation and destruction carried out by the Israeli government. All are invited.

Transportation to the event from Tel Aviv leaves Arlozorov Train Station at 15:30 and Levinski Garden at 15:45 - for more details contact Yaacov Manor: 

For independent arrival to the event. We recommend using Zochrot’s iNakba application for iPhones and Android phones, download for free here. When driving south on Highway 40, the village is located 3km after Lehavim Junction. Turn right on a dirt road near milestone no. 197.

*All events will be held in Hebrew and Arabic.

* For inquiries and further details, please contact Debby at