Seminar on "Forensic Aesthetics" | Event in the frame of the exhibition "Ground-Truth: Testimonies of Destruction and Return in Al-Araqib" |  Forensic Architecture

As a part of the exhibition “Ground-Truth”, Zochrot is happy to invite you to a seminar on the "Forensic Aesthetics". The seminar will examine the use of the concept of aesthetics, which is usually associated with manipulation, emotion, illusion, and subjectivity, in relation to forensic research practices. Forensic aesthetics seeks to expand the discussion of aesthetics through the focus of the sensorial as a tool that stands at the center of the counter-forensic work: from the way in which an architectural structure preserves the results of violent forces exerted on it or the sources of processing of information and the ways and usage through which the testimony and evidence is presented and becomes public. Questions which will be laid at the heart of the seminar will be, for example: How can photographers, artists, architects, and film directors join together in the process of producing evidence? What is the impact and value of presenting forensic evidence in exhibition spaces of contemporary art and how may this affect their perception of evidential value as evidence and valid truth? What are the ethical problems that arise from this type of work process? What is required of us as observers when we look at such studies?

Parnelist in the discussion: Prof. Eyal Weizman and Ariel Caine (Forensic Architecture) (via Skype), film director Rachel Leah Jones, photographer Oren Ziv (Activestills) and artist Taliah Hoffman

Wednesday, August 29 August 19:00 to 21:00, Binyamin Gallery, 5 Shvil haMeretz St., 3rd floor, Tel Aviv

For more information, please contact Debbie Farber by e-mail at (note the event will take place in Hebrew)