On the eve in which many celebrate the state that rose on the ashes of the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, Zochrot invites you to talk about the return of Palestinian refugees. We will watch a film documenting Israelis who have dared imagine what return will look like and how it could be implemented. Together with a fascinating panel, we ourselves will think how to promote return and how the future can look different – more just, more hopeful.


- MK Hiba Yazbak || member of the "Balad\ al-Tajammu' & RA'AM: Arab United" list

- MK Ofer Casif || member of "Hadash\ al-Jabha & TA'AL: Arab movement for Renewal" list.       Member of the headship of the Israeli Communist party 

Modirator: Umar al-Ghubari. Head of the Landscape & Return department at Zochrot 

Wednesday, May 8, 20:00, at Zochrot’s offices, 34 Yitzhak Sade St. Tel Aviv, 4th floor, Room 400.