Zochrot invites you to a special study tour at Ayn Karem village, which will open the events of “48mm Film Festival” hosted in Jerusalem.
The tour will attempt to expose the hidden mantle beneath the pastoral tranquility and point to the power/ political violence practiced to form knowledge and consciousness/awareness in the public sphere. Ayn Karem, the largest in the villages of Jerusalem, was conquered in July 1948, its Palestinian population numbering more the 3500, were deported and their return was blocked by the Israeli state. Nevertheless, most of their homes still exist, visible - invisible, empty of their owners and populated by Israeli families.
The tour will go through alleys in the beautiful village, which has become an orientalist attraction to many Israeli, to restore a 71 years of occupied identity, linger next to a few houses and their stories, visit the cemetery, observe what’s visible and what’s hidden and we will end it near the spring of Miriam (Mary).
The tour can be reached by public transportation in Jerusalem (bus 28). For those arriving with their cars, please share at the event page if you can give a ride to others.
Meeting Point and the beginning of the tour: “Kastel square” (Ein Kerem st. corner of Ha-Hadassim st.).
The Route is Convenient, about two kilometers long and will last about 2 hours.
Tour Guide: Umar al Ghubari | Zochrot
The tour will be conducted in Hebrew. Arabic and English translation will be provided if needed.
For further details and inquiries, please email umar@zochrot.org or call 0528743099