The Nakba in Tarshiha – Living village, Silenced trauma

On the anniversary of the village’s occupation, we will hold a discussion on the Nakba it endured, the ongoing Nakba, and the redress.

On the face of it, Palestinian villages that exist today inside Israel survived the devastation and ethnic cleansing of 1948, but those communities also carry with them traumatic histories and silenced stories.

Tarshiha, a village in the upper Galilee, is one example that stands out.

To understand what the Nakba means, we will be asking questions about the fate of residents and property after the battle of Tarshiha ended and Israel took over the village.

On a virtual event on Thursday, October 29th, we will learn how the village was occupied, it’s resistance and trauma, and it’s story in the overall history of the Nakba. We will also hear of commemoration events the community of Tarshiha has been holding for the past few years.

Maryam Hawari, Jawad Dakuar and Usama Tannus will be joining us. They are natives of Tarshiha, third generation of Nakba survivors. Together, we will mark the day of Tarshiha’s occupation 72 years ago, on October 1948.

The discussion will start at 7PM Tarshiha time and will be held in Hebrew. you can join using a Zoom account. Please register here to participate:

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