The remains and lands of hundreds of Palestinian communities are hidden within and underneath JNF's forests and parks around the country. Site signs do not mention the names of the destroyed villages nor the Palestinian history of these places. In omitting these details, they are taking an active part in the erasure and denial of Palestinian existence under Zionist colonialism. Thus, JNF sites serve as a tool for shaping a false consciousness in the public.

On Land Day, March 30, We will visit a number of such sites, learn the names of the villages hidden within them, place signs containing relevant information about each village and learn about the JNF mechanism for erasure and uprooting of Palestinian villages since its establishment in 1901 until now

The event will be held on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, and will include four JNF sites:

10:00 -12:30 “Ayalon- Canada Park” including tour in the destroyed village of Imwas, one of three villages that were destroyed in 1967 on whose ruins the park was built.

13:15- 14:00 “Mrar hills national park”, on the destroyed Palestinian village of al-Maghar that was occupied in 1948.

15:00 – 16:00 “Plugot forest” that was planted on the lands of two destroyed Palestinian villages, al-Falluja and Karatiyya. We will place a sign with information about the two villages that were occupied in 1948.

16:30- 17:30 al-‘Araqib. A learning and support visit to the village of al-‘Araqib that was destroyed 184 times. We will meet a representative of al-Turi family, who continue to fight resolutely for decades against the persecution and dispossession by the Israeli authorities, including the JNF


The tour will take a full day, including travel between sites and a lunch break.

Please bring enough water and food for the whole day with you.

The cost of participation is 50NIS, or according to the participant’s ability.

The tour will conducted in Hebrew. Translation to English will be provided if required.

Please sign up to join the bus from Tel Aviv. It will leave from Levinsky Garden, Ha Gdoud Ha Evri" street (near Tel Aviv central bus station) at 9:15AM

To participate in the tour, and to reserve a place on the bus, please register in advance by sending an email to the following address:

For further inquiries:Umar al-Ghubari 052-8743099