The Nakba is the ongoing expropriation of Palestinian land and assets: the destruction of localities, the expulsion of inhabitants, and the erasure of Palestinian life and culture as they existed until 1948. Although it is a foundational event in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which describes the lives of Palestinians and Jews until the present, it is also one of the most silenced events within Israeli society.

The lecture “The Palestinian Nakba 101” is intended for those  who are  interested in understanding what the Palestinian Nakba is and what its implications are for both Palestinian and Jewish societies. It does not seek to present a "Palestinian narrative" against a "Zionist narrative", but rather to review diverse primary sources, which provide lesser known and sometimes challenging information.

Imbala is pleased to host the lecture “The Palestinian Nakba 101” as part of the "Ten Days of Return: Recalculating Route to Liberation and Peace" seriese of events by Zochrot. Zochrot is an NGO that has been working for two decades to promote the recognition of the Nakba and the Palestinian refugees’ right of return within Israeli society, based on the belief that learning about the Nakaba is also a way to learn about our identities as Israelis-Jews, about the physical landcape, and about collective memory, and that it is a necessary precondition for establishing a future Palestinian-Jewish relationship based on justice and equality.

The event will be held in Hebrew