The right of return is one of the human rights enshrined in international law, which stipulates a right for every person to return to their country of origin or their country of citizenship, and a specific right for those who have been uprooted to return. This is a real and burning issue for tens of millions around the world, including millions of Palestinians. But in Jewish society in Israel, the Palestinian right of return is not discussed seriously, the use of the term often includes disinformation, raises fears and imagining alternative realities seems impossible.

Right and Opportunity is the first course offering the Hebrew-speaking public an educational framework to learn about the Right of Return in a series of lectures by researchers, educators and activists experts in the subjects of the Palestinian Nakba and refugees, transitional justice and possibilities for the realization of return.

During the course we will learn the background to the Nakba and the Israeli policy of preventing return, we will understand the legal context and hear about the return of refugees in other places in the world (lectures by Dr. Yaara Benger Alaluf,  Umar al-Ghubari, Dr. Munir Nuseibah). After the introductory part, we will turn to explore some of the ways in which Palestinian society deals today with the right of return, in geographical, sociological and demographic research as well as in educational, architectural and artistic work (lectures by Dr. Tom Pessah, Hanan Wakeem, Dr. Debby Farber). We will conclude the course with a conversation about the importance and challenges of promoting Jewish support for Palestinian return with journalist and translator Orly Noy, researcher and lecturer Dr. Avi-ram Tzoreff and Zochrot's director Rachel Beitarie.

Program: Six online meetings, Mondays at 8pm (Jerusalem time, zoom platform) - 31.10, 7.11, 14.11, 21.11, 28.11, 5.12

Language: Most of the lectures will be given in Hebrew, meetings held in Arabic/English will include simultaneous translation into Hebrew (please note that English translation will not be available)

Cost: 150 NIS

Registration: Places are limited so please sign up in advance (below)

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