December 12 at 8PM at “House of Solidarity”,9 Yafa Rd (Romano house), Tel Aviv 

Speakers: Fida Jiryis, Sami Abu Shehade

Solidarity library, the educational bookshop and Zochrot are delighted to invite you to an event in Tel Aviv to celebrate writer Fida Jiryis and her book “Stranger in my own land: Palestine, Israel and one family’s story of home”. The event will take place in Hebrew & English

After the Oslo agreements of 1993 Israe, while it kept denying Palestinians’ right to return, allowed a small number of Palestinian families to return to the places from where they were expelled. Fida Jiryis’s family was one of them. The book is a 75 years long Palestinian story of exile, occupation, return and a search for belonging, from the Nakba to the present.

Jiryis’s father, Sabri, who was born in the Galille, became a member of the PLO and served as adviser to Yasser Arafat. Fida tells of her childhood in Beirut, her mother’s passing during the Lebanon war and her family’s unexpected return to Fassuta in the 90’s, when she first encountered Israelis, Palestine and the reality of colonial occupation. 

Published in 2022, the book was launched in Jerusalem and Ramallah. We are happy to hear Fida for the first time in Tel Aviv.

Speakers: Author Fida Jiryis

Former MK Sami Abu Shehade: Jaffayi historian and activist, head of the Balad party