As every year, on the evening on which the State of Israel celebrates its independence based on the ruins of the lives and settlements of the Palestinian people, we will gather for an event of acknowledgment and accountability.

In a round table event we will hear from the activists Yasmin Eran-Vardi, Eran Maoz, Aviv Tatarsky and Yaara Benger Alaluf about the Israeli policy in Masafer Yatta, Al-Quds, Yaffa and Nablus, about the resistance of the Palestinian residents, about the importance and limitations of solidarity and activism under colonial power relations and on the direct line connecting 2023 and 1948.

We will finish with an open conversation about responsibility and decolonization.

The event will be held in Hebrew

April 25, 2023, at 8:00 p.m
11 Rothschild Ave., Tel Aviv

On the next day we will conduct a guided tour to the depopulated village of al-Lajjun and join the annual Palestinian Return March. For further details.