Marking the World Refugee Day, you are invited to a whole-day journey along the beach – a political-historical study about the Nakba, the ethnic cleansing in 1948, the turning of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into refugees and the denial of their return, and about Israeli erasure, Judaization and colonization.

Jaffa – Al-Tantura – Al-Bassa – Ras al-Naqura (Rosh HaNikra).

Three places that are part of one – three tours that are one – three stories that are one. Most of the Palestinian refugees from the north, and some of Jaffa’s inhabitants, were deported northwards, many of them to Lebanon. At the end of the journey, we’ll arrive at the border crossing with Lebanon at Rosh HaNikra, and call for the return of the refugees to their homeland, to their towns and villages.

Starting point: HaKovshim Park, Al-Manshiyya Neighborhood, Jaffa -Tel Aviv, HaKovshim St. corner of Elhanan st., 9:00

Final destination: Rosh HaNikra, 18:30.

The public is invited to join the transport or follow the route independently and meet us in each of the stations according to the following schedule.

9:00-11:00  Learning tour about the Nakba in Al-Manshiyya – one of the largest and finest neighborhoods of pre-1948 Jaffa. The tour will start at HaKovshim Park and pass through the Hassan Bek Mosque, the Charles Clore Park and the Etzel House, ending near the Clock Tower. In the tour, we will talk about the Jaffa-Tel Aviv space prior to and during the Nakba, and the moves to erase the Palestinian past on the one hand and Judaize the present space on the other. Relevant maps and photos will be shown. Meeting point: HaKovshim St. corner of Elhanan St. At the end of the tour will go on the bus. The walking route is easy, about 2 km long. 

12:30-14:00  Tour in the destroyed village of Tantura. In the visit, we will learn about the pre-Nakba village and the circumstances of its occupation, the massacre and the complete ethnic cleansing in May 1948. Under what is now called Dor Beach, proofs of the horrible crimes of the Nakba committed by the State of Israel in the village were literally buried: ethnic cleansing, massacre, mass graves, and the destruction of the cemetery and village houses. Now seen on the surface of Al-Tantura, the resorts, the beautiful beach, the large parking lot, the kibbutz and the moshav provide silent evidence to the practice of concealment, denial, and erasure promoted by the State of Israel and Israeli society in this place for 75 years. Meeting place: Dor Beach Parking Lot. The walking route is easy, about 500 m long.

14:00-14:30  Lunch break in Tantura. Please bring your own food and drink, and hats.

16:00-17:00  The tour of Al-Bassa (Shlomi) will introduce the village and its importance prior to the Nakba, its occupation and cleansing in mid-May 1948. We will tour the remains, including churches and a mosque. Starting point: HaMeyasdim St. corner of HaHorsha St., in the Shlomi Industrial Park. The walking route is easy, about 1.5 km long.

17:30-18:30  Ras a-Naqura (Rosh HaNikra). We will stand near the border crossing to Lebanon – as close to Beirut as we can reach, talk about the Palestinian refugees deported 75 years ago, and imagine their return and its implications for the local space.

Estimated arrival time in Tel Aviv: 21:30

The walking routes are convenient. Please bring water, food, and hats.

As mentioned, you can take join us for only part of the journey and use your own transportation to join us for each of the tour, but please let us know in advance.

The guidance will be in Hebrew.

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