Excerpts from the booklet:

The Third Generation

Amjad Jibreen Al-Khawaja – 13 years old and Saja Khalid 'Ajarmah – 13 years old, Two Palestinian children live in 'AIDA refugees camp visiting their home destroyed village of 'AJJUR, as a part of LAJI'E Center's project concerning the right of return for the Palestinian refugees.

Amjad: " I picked some cactus fruit and ate them, it tasted very delicious, it was different than the cactus I have tasted in the camp. Needles got stuck my hands. I rubbed my hands in the soil to remove the needles which is my grandmother told me to do, it worked"

Saja: " It was a special Friday that I will never forget. Ajjur was more beautiful than I expected. I was lucky because as I am under 16 I was able to visit my village Ajjur, but I missed my family. I wanted them to be with ".me at that day

Town Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the remaining structures on the village land are:

"Only three houses remain; two are deserted and one has been turned into a warehouse. One of the deserted houses is a two-story stone structure that has a large, triple-arched front porch." Today, a part of this house serves as "The khan of chamber music" conducted by a Jewish family who lives in the other part of it. 

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