An Israeli organization is collecting donations to repair the destruction in Lebanon. The "Zochrot" organization, which is an Israeli left-wing organization that deals with memory of the Palestinian tragedy following the founding of the State of Israel and which in the past even mapped the Arab villages that were abandoned in the Jerusalem area, is now taking action for the benefit of the terrorists who acted against the Israeli Defense Forces in Lebanon.

The organization seeks to "collect funds that will reach the refugees in Lebanon, particularly Palestinians," as it defines it.

The request for monetary assistance, which is distributed by an email network, stated: "In our view opposition to the war and to the Israeli attack on Lebanon must not be expressed only as protest in the streets or in petitions. As is known, thousands of Lebanese, among them many Palestinians, were harmed as a result of the Israeli attack on Lebanon. It is our responsibility as those who oppose the war to try to better their lot in some way."

As would be expected, the email does not mention that the houses that the IDF destroyed are mostly those of terrorists who launched tens of thousands of Katyusha rockets on northern settlements.

The request of the organization further stated that the collected donations would be delivered via the organization CIMADE in France, which is one of the supporters of the "Zochrot" organization in recent years. CIMADE will pass the funds to a Palestinian organization in Lebanon with which they have had a cooperative relationship over several years.

In addition, the "Zochrot" organization will soon open an exhibition space "for critical work on the Palestinian Nakba."

The new exhibition space will include a journal and gallery. The organization calls on Jerusalemites to send their works, creations, photographs, paintings, literature and video, poetry, and criticism "for courageous work that will make the spirit of the Nakba into a felt basis in our lives here, in this place where we live."