The organization "Zochrot", that supports promotion of the right of return for Palestinians, has for the past few years organized a campaign for the mentioning of the destroyed Palestinian villages, and last week won an achievement. Seniors at JNF announced to the organization that at parks where a posted sign details the history of the area - there will also be mention of the Palestinian villages that were in it. This way from the abyss of forgetfulness will rise 31 villages, unfortunately lucky enough to have their ruins located at a park with a sign.

At "Zochrot" the JNF's decision is defined as "an interesting and revolutionary decision". The organization's director Eitan Bronstein told Haaretz that "I think there is more openness today to the topic and it is becoming less threatening. The sky will not fall if we say that we expelled Arabs and ruined villages". "Zochrot" reported that there are ruins of 86 villages in JNF parks.

In the past, the organization petitioned the High Court against the JNF and the Civil Administration requesting to mention at Park in the Latrun area, that most of is on West Bank lands, the ruins of the villages Yallu and Imwas, that were destroyed in 1967 after the Six Day War. Following the petition, the JNF agreed in 2005 to post two signs noting the village's locations. However, two weeks later one of the signs was extracted and on the other the writing was sprayed black. After a certain amount of time the other sign was also extracted.

The new decision of the JNF is not related to the outcome of the previous petition. According to agreements between the two organizations, "Zochrot" will hand over to the JNF information it has on destroyed villages in the country, for the examination of the inspectors. Likewise it was agreed, that the organization will give to the JNF a proposed draft for the text that will be written on the new signs.

There was no confirmation from the JNF to the agreements, although they did confirm that a meeting was held last week.